Own a restaurant? You'll need insurance.

Sometimes things go wrong ........

There are few individuals who do not enjoy the occasional excursion to a reputable restaurant. These establishments prove to be a welcome break from dining at home and some of the best will offer an ambiance and a selection of food that will keep loyal patrons returning. Perfect for a casual night out after a few pints or, instead, for a formal business gathering, eating out at a fancy (or even a not-so-fancy) restaurant has become all but normal in our society. While these experiences usually go out without incident, there are unfortunate times where not all goes as planned.

Such instances can include something as trivial as an undercooked slice of steak to an occurrence as devastating as food poisoning or a fire. Thankfully, such occurrences are quite rare. Still, it is a good idea to take a quick look at a handful of the most drastic (and even devastating) restaurant disasters that have taken place. You may very well be surprised at how truly unforgettable these have been for the patrons, the owners and in some cases, their insurance companies!

Lessons Learned?

So, it is clear to appreciate that even the best-laid plans of restaurants can sometimes go awry unexpectedly. Although there was little permanent damage suffered in the example of The Fat Duck and their norovirus debacle, the other two incidents showed just how seriously authorities are taking bad (or just plain careless) conduct in the food industry. Still, accidents do indeed happen and it can be rest assured that while it may not be made public, the effects upon the owners and their insurers will be felt long after their customers have finished eating.

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